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Welcome to Emerald Harbour!

November 1, 2009


On behalf of all the writers, I would like to welcome you to our world.  Emerald Harbour is a collaborative story.  The writers have worked together to create what we hope to be a unique experience for you, our readers.

Our first posts will be a prologue, which is the backstory we used to build the town and its inhabitants.  The prologue will be three posts in length, and the second one will be mostly pictorial.  After that, the writing will begin to pass among the writers, beginning with me.

We are still developing this format, but our intent is to have posts written every four to five days.  This allows each new writer two days to play the game, and then two or three days to write before passing on to the next writer.  Much like a soap opera, the action will focus on various inhabitants of Emerald Harbour, and heroes and villians will likely emerge over time.

If you’re reading for the first time, why not start at the beginning?

For returning readers, the most recent posts are below.


Mysterious neighbours

February 20, 2010

Sanya Lime tells:

Our “new” shack seemed ominous in so many ways, that I undoubtedly needed to check, that the stove was not left on! Maybe the former residents had simply… died, all of a sudden, an God knows if they were in the middle of cooking, when that happened!!!

Unlike me, Dave was highly excited of the foul pond on the backyard, and wanted to learn to fish as soon as possible!

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A romance and a move

February 14, 2010

Sanya Lime tells:

A lot has happened since we moved here in Emerald Harbour… At first everything seemed to go well – almost too well to be true – except that I didn’t like it when the paper girl kept coming all the way to our backyard!


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Linda’s Life

January 26, 2010

Note:  The following are excerpts from Linda O’Sheas Diary.  Changing text colors will indicate new entries.

The new baby is here!  Sed and I decided to name her Susan after Sed’s Mom.  She is just adorable! 

After taking care of a set of twins and then a set of triplets, only having to take care of one baby seems to be a piece of cake by comparison.  I can remember so many days of dragging myself out of bed to feed and diaper the others and then going right back to bed.  I’d barely get to sleep before I’d hear crying again and have to get up and start all over again!  Read more…

Post Holiday Wedding

January 19, 2010

When Maureen and Tim had originally planned their wedding, they were going to have it just before Christmas.  But, Maureen was increasingly on call at the hospital, and Tim also got busy with work.  They wound up postponing until into the New Year.  Luckily, the evergreens still were somewhat fresh the day their days off finally coincided and they were able to finally greet the guests for their wedding day.

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Alice and the Strong Household

December 24, 2009

Sorry it took so long! You guys are probably sick of hearing my stuff by now, but this is my last post and Celera is up next! So no worries. 😉


“I wonder where the girls are,” Jimmy thought, looking mournfully at his food. Read more…

Haunted House

December 14, 2009

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A Sour End to a Strange Day

December 13, 2009

“Whoa,” Mick blinked. He hadn’t seen this many strangers at one time in all his life – except on TV, Read more…